Hybrid Gauging

QMC now offers Hybrid gauging systems, which combine the full flexibility of Flexible Measurement Systems (FMS), with the high output of traditional fixed sensor systems. Both FMS and Fixed Sensors utilize the same operating platform of software (FMSplusTM) to provide a complete set of comprehensive measurement algorithms, hence allowing for any combination of each within a single station.

LMI sensors are packaged in rugged housings – making them effective in even the most demanding manufacturing conditions. Temperature probes integrated into sensors provide closed loop compensation, along with variable laser/LED intensity and exposure controls to ensure data integrity.

When sensors are mounted in the assembly line, studies of the manufacturing process are made easy. Sensors may be operated in a continuous data-gathering mode to obtain data of actual part movements during the process. Since data acquisition is done automatically, results may be displayed in real time, with process studies completed quickly and easily.

To see the benefits of each of these technologies please refer to the QMC Robotic Gauging page, or the QMC Fixed In-line Gauging page.