COMET IV - the new 3D sensor dimension for flexible and mobile digitizing

The COMET® sensors from Steinbichler Optotechnik - are designed based on many years of experience and expertise in optical coordinate measurement and on a continuous, customer-oriented further development. Established as the leading digitizing systems, they enjoy widespread use worldwide.

COMET® IV represents the fourth sensor generation: A completely new, technologically revolutionary concept which has crafted the optimum system solution for present and future measuring tasks and which meets all the requirements placed on an industry-compliant measuring system.

COMET® IV offers highest flexibility and modularity paired with an excellent data accuracy. Through the use of cutting edge optical technologies and materials the sensor, which can be used in all branches of industry, sets new standards in 3D digitizing.




COMET IV - flexibility through different fields of view - highest data quality

With only a few steps and in a matter of minutes, the user can adjust the system to a new field of view and thus optimally customize it for the measuring task. The COMET® IV sensor features a fully modular structure and offers future extension options for fields of view from 100 to 2500 mm in size. Innovations with regard to the camera technology (4-6-8 megapixels) have also been taken into account in the sensor concept.

The great stability of the mechanical construction and the extreme rigidity of the CFRP beam, which was designed taking FEM simulation calculations into account, as well as the optics developed specifically for the COMET® IV sensor guarantee highest measurement accuracy. In addition, thermal effects are eliminated through the powerful external xenon light source which is connected via an optical fiber.

COMET IV - individual sensor positioning

The COMET® IV sensor can easily be positioned using different tripods. This allows the quick and easy customization to the measuring task on hand.




COMET IV - reliable - fast - mobile

The data transmission between the sensor and the computer is performed via CAN bus and GigaBit Ethernet. This safeguards the reliable functioning of the device even in an industrial environment. Self-diagnosis options are additionally available to ensure the correct functioning of the sensor.

COMET® IV convinced through short measuring times. The intelligent point decimation feature has the advantage that even large 3D point sets cn be acquired and processed very quickly and without information loss.

Eliminating the need for a conventional computer configuration, the system can also be run on a standard notebook. It is therefore excellently suited for mobile use. Regardless of the object size or location or the ambient conditions, the user can easily transport the system to the current measuring point and customize it for the current measuring task.

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