Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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QMC Staffing Services allows companies the freedom to focus on their core business functions instead of getting bogged down in the administrative burden of finding, interviewing, and hiring personnel.

Our staffing specialists work closely with you to define your requirements and efficiently provide you with qualified candidates who are willing and able to make an immediate impact. Each candidate is assessed by our specialists to ensure they not only meet your job requirements but that they will also fit into your corporate culture.

Whether your need is temporary or permanent, local or across the country, QMC offers several flexible staffing options including: Long-Term, Short-Term, Direct, Contract-to-Hire

We also specialize in recruiting the “hard to find” candidates where unique job skills are required. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what drives QMC to take on your staffing challenges and transform them into successful solutions.

Here are some examples of the positions we work with on an ongoing basis:
· Dimensional Engineers
· Electrical Engineers
· Mechanical Engineers
· Controls Engineers
· IT Professionals
· Manufacturing Engineers
· Quality Engineers
· Project Engineers & Managers
· Administrative Staff
· And More…..  

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